To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Capucines handbags, Louis Vuitton specially invited six well-known contemporary artists to launch a limited edition of the Arty Capucines series, each limited to 300 pieces, each bag is priced at about $ 10,000.

Sam Falls uses natural materials for his creations. He uses photography techniques to explore the materiality of color and light in nature.

The giant canvas was covered with branches, leaves, flowers, etc., and was sprayed with paint at specific locations, and then exposed to the natural environment, resulting in a unique abstract landscape painting.

It is also paired with the mother-of-pearl logo and carrying the ring, which highlights the brand’s noble temperament.

Urs Fischer is an artist known for large-scale sculptures and art installations. His works show his strong interest in the process of natural transformation and decay.

He did not directly modify the Capucines handbags, but kept the pure white and simple appearance, boldly adding 6 kinds of handmade vegetable and fruit ornaments. These pendants are 100% simulated and made of plastic and look like real objects.

Alex Israel’s works always surround his hometown of Los Angeles, exploring topics such as popular media, Hollywood, celebrity boom, the American Dream and more.

He added the California logo heatwave to the Capucines handbags. Pink and gradient leather stitched into the image of the waves, and two surfboards were the finishing touch. There were combs and mirrors under the surfboards, which were practical and full of design interest.

Nicholas Hlobo is famous for mixed media works, all fused or interwoven with tactile materials such as discarded ribbons, leather, wood, and rubber.

Each material represents a different personal or political identity, discussing its race, gender, and cultural identity through its art installations and complex graphic and three-dimensional creations.

He used bonding material technique to sew blue irregular leather on the handbag with embroidery, like a blue flower in full bloom, creating a handmade artwork full of vitality.

Tschabalala Self is the only female artist in the Arty Capucines series. Her artistic creation focuses on the image significance of the black female in contemporary American culture, as well as its emotional, physical and psychological impact.

Her works are mostly represented by layered painting and printmaking. In the creation of Arty Capucines handbags, she also chose a relatively similar leather stitching technique to present.

She applied the “multi-element dismantling and reorganization” approach to the handbag, parqueted with 19 types of leather, including colorful and precious lizard skin, constructing a disassembled LV Monogram pattern, 200 hand-cut and colored shapes, each is a unique combination.

Jonas Wood’s works have always been colorful, using unique forms, colors and geometric patterns to build a rich imagination of space and objects.

He took ceramic painting as inspiration, first printed the pattern on the outer layer of the handbag, and then used more than 200,000 needles for embroidery to create a mix of effects and textures.

The pink LV LOGO and giraffe pendant add the finishing touch, making this image more lively.


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