LV mini bags


Do you still remember the mini style led by Fendi 4 years ago? The Fendi mini bags can still hold a few lipsticks + card bags, and these LV mini bags are real “mini” that can hardly hold anything.

This is a supermini wrist bag. It is a smaller version of the classic waist bag. The bag cannot be carried on the body, but can only be tied to the wrist.

The wrist bag also has a smaller version of a hot-selling backpack.

This time, the popular Egg bag is also “shrinking” to the size of a palm. This little “egg” may not hold anything, maybe just put a few coins, but it still looks fascinating.

Did you find anything from this super mini “dinosaur egg”? LV has a new logo!

This new logo appeared on the Louis Vuitton 2020 early spring show, and also has its own unique name, “LV Midnight”.mini LV bags

There are several super mini bags with the new logo “LV Midnight”. In short, this time, LV can be said to completely subvert people’s understanding of “bags”. Bags can not only be carried on the body, but also tied on the wrist, carried on the hand, and hung on the neck. And can also hang mobile phones, glasses.

It can be said that LV has made the ultra-mini to the extreme this year. The purpose is, “There is no minimum, only smaller.” Almost every popular classic has been severely reduced, such as this mini ESSENTIAL TRUNK chain bag, which is 10.5cm wide and 7.5cm high.

Although small, but the details are still quite delicate, it is also equipped with metal studs, S-lock buckle and Malletage printed lining and so on.

Netizens conducted tests and confirmed that it was unmatched in terms of card placement.

The creative sense of opening the bag is also extremely outstanding, such a mini bag is enough to make the process of taking things full of joy.

This extra-mini Boite Chapeau bag is only 8.5cm in diameter and less than 5cm in the bottom, so it cannot fit the thick Tom Ford lipstick. The iPhone xs max is about 16cm in length, so this bag is about half its size.

You can also carry it around the waists or around the necks just like these fashion bloggers do. Boite Chapeau has been available in 3 sizes before, and the most mini size on the left is only 13cm.

And this time the Boite Chapeau palm bag is smaller than this mini size. If you think it is too small, you can choose a mini bag with a 13cm diameter (the difference between it and the ultra-mini chain clause is that it has an iconic handle). Although it is only one piece larger than a slap, it has a certain thickness and three compartments inside, which can be regarded as a very practical ultra-mini bag.

You can also feel its size from this gif picture.

LV Dauphine also appeared supermini model in the latest season and is a waist bag.

How small is it? It is only 12cm long. In addition to its attractive appearance, it is particularly useful in many ways. If you remove the belt, it’s an ultra-mini shoulder bag.

If you remove the chain together, it will be returned into an ultra-adorable wallet.