What about Louis Vuitton&League of Legends


If the news that Nike announced to create exclusive uniforms for the LPL teams of “League of Legends” is already shocking enough; then the new joint venture plan of top luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton and “League of Legends” has totally refreshed people’s thinking of the e-sports industry!

Last year, Riot Games announced that it will establish an unprecedented partnership with French fashion brand Louis Vuitton, which will become one of the business partners of the League of Legends 2019 World Series A few months ago, LV and the League of heroes launched the skin perfection series for Qiyana, which is the first step that LV goes into League of Legends game. Many LV elements can be seen in the skin, including the logo on her weapon “Hula Hoop”, and the bag hanging on the waist is full of strong LV style, making it the most expensive skin in the history of League of Legends.

Cross-border cooperation is not only a win-win business model but also a new attempt for products outside the fashion field. This time, the brand Louis Vuitton collaborated with the popular game “League of Legends” and launched a new capsule series. It is reported that it was sold out in just one minute.

Let’s take a look at what kind of sparks will come from the collision of e-sports and fashion? There is no doubt that the design of LVXLOL trappings is very bold and avant-garde, which will definitely attract the attention of young people.

The new LVxLol series is designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of LV women’s clothing. This series is loyal to League of Legends and Ghesquière’s personal inspiration. Adopting the “Mignon” style previously designed for the characters Qiyana and Senna, it reinterprets several classic and New Classics handbags of the brand, including Neverfull, Speedy, Bumbag and other models with the unique Monogram canvas.  

In addition, LVxLOL products also use the new logo of Louis Vuitton, inspired by Qiyana’s giant ring blade, the image is absolutely avant-garde and fashionable.

This LV capsule collection contains 47 men’s and women’s items and designed to combine the classic LV Monogram and camouflage elements of LOL, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. BOITE CHAPEAU SOUPLE handbags, SEARCHLIGHT sneakers, The DAUPHINE BB waist bag, MONOGRAM shawl, ICONIC 30mm double-sided belt, DIAMOND bracelet, STAR TRAIL ankle boots, and second-generation smartwatch TAMBOUR HORIZON are all among them, priced between $ 230 to $ 7250. The price of all LVxLOL products adds up to $ 65,715.

If you are a veteran fan of League of Legends and very rich, purchasing genuine Louis Vuitton LOL products is highly recommended. If not, we suggest that you buy high-quality replica LV products.