Louis Vuitton x FlexPai bag at LV Cruise 2020


Iconic fashion brands from all around the world have geared up for the cruise 2020 show. And, it’s also not an exception for this famous luxury brand i.e. Louis Vuitton. This iconic brand has already unveiled its LV Cruise 2020 collections which are absolutely vogue, stylish, and exclusive. Among this list of LV Cruise 2020 collection, LV OLED bags have surely stood out from the rest. In terms of the design, look, and concept, Louis Vuitton bag series have proved themselves to be the best and trendiest handbags which you’ve ever come across. Needless to mention, these handbags feature a proper and perfect fusion of modern art of crafting and the essence of advanced technology. Combining both technology and craft wisely and meticulously, LV OLED bags have all potential to blow the current fashion trend.Lv Oled bag review

Let’s now quickly discuss the unique design aspects of these handbags. Well, there are only a handful number of LV bags which are integrated with canvas video screens. These flexible and moldable video screens are powered by the advanced AMOOLED technology (which is mostly found in today’s smartphones). This AMOOLED technology supports a resolution of 1920×1440. This lighting technology can perfectly produce flexible and extremely thin light panels which do not require any backlighting. Using its integral cutting-edge technology, these bags can display stunning moving images.Lv led bag trend of 2020

In the previous sections, you have already learned about the trend of Louis Vuitton’S OLED bags. Now, it is worth to check whether other brands will follow up this incredible fashion trend of LV OLED bags aka ”Canvas of the Future” bags?

LV Bag and Royole: Will Other Brands Follow Up the Fashion Trend of ”Canvas of the Future” Bags? Louis Vuitton Canvas of the Future

Apparently, it looks like that other brands are definitely going to follow the one-of-a-kind fashion trend that has been set up by LV OLED bags or ”Canvas of the Future” bags. According to a spokesperson from the LV brand, these OLED bags are invented as an extension of smartphones. Kindly note that these handbags are manufactured by using advanced visual screens produced by Royole. These two brands have worked together in order to release the world’s first fashion handbags which can feature both flexible displays and cutting-edge sensors.Chic lV&FlexPai bag at LV Cruise 2020

These “Canvas of the Future” bags have ground-breaking look and design. That’s why they have already received huge popularity and demand among the customers and fashion enthusiasts. Certainly, other brands will definitely follow up this fashion trend so that they can offer customers vogue and stylish handbags with smart displays.